Univelox Translogistics Pvt. Ltd. Service Profile includes:


univelox will provide the following ManpowerInformation in the proposed warehouse:

24 x7 Power Backup
6 Days a Week
Unloading / Loading
Value addition services (Packing, Stickering, Mrp. Labeling)
Pick & Pack Operation

Scope of Work:

* Receiving / return of goods from source as per document.(As per PO/ASN).

* To verify for receipt quantity as per the documents and report any exception (like shortage /excess or damages) to the customer.

* Stack and store the good as per prescribe norms and till required.

* To pick up material from stock as per sales orders as per the invoice.

* To pick up material from stock as per sales orders as per the invoice.

* To dispatch the material ready for the pick-up per invoice.

* To updates inventory at every step and maintain bin record.

* To provide MIS report as per day (for stock, daily dispatch, inbound material).

* Cycle count on daily basis.(this is taken only for the item that are dispatch on previous day).

* Sending pre alert/warehouse pre alert(ASN).

* Inventory tracking.

* Physical stock taking on every month.

* Standard as well as customised report generation.

* Bar code scanning.


* Assured Delivery Schedule for all the services and for every destination.

* Hard Copy of Proof of Delivery.

* Cash on Delivery for your consignment Value and Freight on Delivery Services.

* Surface nulti-model operation.

* Time bound deliveries.

* Door pick up and door delivery supervision.

* Gauranted Services.

* Full truck load / LCV delivery.

* Part load delivery.

* Special extra invoice acknowledgements.

* Delivery above ground floor.

* ODA / ESL deliveries.

* Godown to Godown transportation.

* Octroi clearance.

* Packing / Unpacking of goods at customers premises.

* Special handling.

* Storage / Warehousing as per requirement.

* committed delivery date and time.